Next Generation Science Standards Infographic

I was hired by the Concord Consortium, an educational software company, to design an infographic representing the newly released Next Generation Science Standards for their newsletter and website. These standards will be used by teachers in schools around the country and the CC wanted teachers to easily be able to connect the "Practices", "Core Ideas" and "Crosscutting Concepts" with their software products.

I thought that incorporating visual elements or icons into it would be helpful to immediately identify what you are looking for, so I designed icons for all the Crosscutting Concepts and Core Ideas. I also wanted it to be possible for each element in each row to be connectable with every other element, showing the practically infinite ways that they can be connected.

Additionally, particular elements can be broken out of the main diagram to act as symbols for one particular CC software program .

The Concord Consortium also added it to their website as an interactive graphic, which I thought was really cool. And, I created "cootie catchers" (remember those?) that they can give away as marketing materials at conferences.